The guide to French culture

Creatively, the French have got things sewn up. All those artists (Monet, Rodin, Renoir and the rest), philosophers (from Descartes to Sartre) and filmmakers (say salut to Truffaut, Chabrol and Kassovitz). And then there’s the everyday culture – the food, the wine, the strikes, the shrugs, the quirky driving…

The French absorb it all slowly. They’re raised with the belief (not without some justification) that France is the most civilised nation on earth. But the holidaymaker, second homeowner, business traveller, new resident or student has a harder task. They need a fast track to understanding France and the French psyche; they need a detailed, accurate overview of French culture. Cultural immersion if you like. And that’s what Speak the Culture: France delivers, dissecting the figures, events and habits that have contributed to the country and its people. It’s the guidebook to French culture.

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The cultural crash course

French culture carefully prepared for dégustation.

French film: ‘The Golden Age’
The first part of our series of guides to French film is all about the historical realism of the ’30s and ’40s.
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French icon of the month
Which diminutive artist famously said “I may only be a small coffee pot, but I have a big spout”
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